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M-A16 M-A16

AC door bell

Item No.:M-A16

  • Receiver plug selection:GB/EU regulations/British gauge/US gauge(optional)
  • Working frequency:315/433MHz±2MHz
  • Sound volume range:20-85dB±5dB (4 levels volume adjusted)
  • Receiver working voltage:AC (110-220)V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Transmitter rated voltage:≤10mw
  • Size of receiver:92X60MM
  • Size of transmitter:86X86MM

Product Description



Wireless doorbell an ideal for easily installing a doorbell no more fiddly wires. Simply plug the receiver to an AC outlet and mount the transmitter where needed and you are ready to go! Specially designed to fit the needs of elderly and hearing impaired. 36ring-tones and four levels ofvolume to more suit your needs and can reach a distance of up to 150m when there are without obstructions.

 Why choose wireless doorbell?

Wireless door bells are ideal choices for tenants who can use them without the need to make any new wiring connections in their rental property. When moving out and changing your abode, you can simply detach the doorbell apparatus and install it in your new home quite easily. 

 Main features:

1.  Stylish modern design with multiple color optional, more fits into any home and office.

2.  36ring-tones (24 chord)to choose from and 4 steps volume control(20~ 90dB).

3.  Simple to use and easy-to-install without the hassle of running any wires.

4.  With up to 150m operating range in open space,100~150m with walls and doors.

5.  IP44 waterproof transmitter

6.  Eye-catching led instruction light when someone pushes the doorbellsleep model suitable for 24 hours home use.

7.  Before shipping, item has finished pair.

8. Easy to choose your change and select your favorite ring-tone with music button.

9. Approved with CE,ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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AC door bell


AC door bell

H-A12 (blue)

AC door bell
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