Overview of intelligent community security system

With the improvement of people's living standards, the living conditions put forward higher requirements, and now in the new residential area, the importance of security system, more and more people's attention. Home Furnishing security system of intelligent anti-theft, anti robbery, fire prevention, gas leakage and other functions in one, not a test immediately alarm, nip in the bud, become an important guarantee for home security.

Intelligent residential area is the use of 4C (computer, communication and network, automatic control, IC card) technology and architecture together organically, through the transmission network, the remote information service, property management, security systems, residential intelligent system integration, providing intelligent tools for service and management of residential district.

The following focuses on a more mature intelligent residential security system:

This system is an important system of safety management of the intelligent community, including intrusion alarm system, Patrol attendance systems, access control systems, closed-circuit television monitoring system, housing security system.

1 intrusion alarm system

Intrusion alarm system in general by the detector and alarm controller, linkage controller analogdisplays and searchlights etc.. General intrusion alarm system uses linear detector. The linear detector is composed of two - way and four - way active infrared detector, which is an anti - illegal crossing warning system. The system adopts fuzzy control technology, effectively avoid the small animal, debris and snow on the impact of detection and alarm, at the same time to ensure larger objects and the behavior of people over illegal instant alarm. When the detector detects the intrusion signal, namely the alarm to the residential property alarm center, alarm center linkage controller to open the relevant regional searchlight sent alarmsirens activated recorder analog electronicalarm regional dynamic display screen, alarm center monitor computer pop-up electronic map and for the police records.

2 closed circuit television monitoring system

Intelligent residential requirements of closed-circuit television monitoring system by video camera, video recorder, matrix controller, monitor, transmission lines and other components, the installation of cameras in a residential area is an important area and public places (lens, high-speed PTZ controller), to control the indoor personnel on duty through the TV wall at a glance at any time to master the residential district, and through real-time recording, video recorder for verification; tracking and monitoring in the console switching operation by matrix controller; closed-circuit television monitoring system also has the function of linkage control. The system is very suitable for intelligent residential quarters.

3 Access Control System

Access control system is an important channel for intelligent residential management. The gating system can control the access, but also can control the personnel in the building and the sensitive area of behavior. In the entrance, elevator installed control devices, such as video intercom, card reader, fingerprint reader, keyboard password etc.. Tenants to enter, you must have a card or enter the correct password, or by a special finger to be allowed to pass. The access control system can effectively manage the opening and closing of the door, ensure the authorized personnel to enter and exit.

4 Patrol attendance system

Patrol system is a means of management on patrol whether at the specified time according to the patrol route to the specified location. Patrol system to help managers understand the performance of patrol personnel, and management personnel can change at any time on line through the software to meet the needs of different occasions. The patrol system is divided into two kinds of wired and wireless:

Wireless patrol system by the information button patrol handheld recorder, download, and computer management software etc.. The information button installed in the field, such as near the entrance of the residential buildings, garages, main road etc.; patrol handheld recorder by patrol personnel on duty when the download is portable; handheld recorder and computer connection of communication components, it is installed in the computer room. Wireless patrol system has the advantages of simple installation, no need of special computer, and system expansion, modification and management is very convenient.

Cable patrol system is in line patrol patrol personnel regulations, according to the specified time and place to manage the computer back to normal signals to that if within a specified period of time, no signal sent to the management computer, or not according to the provisions of the order of a signal system will be considered abnormal. Thus, patrol personnel problems or dangerous will soon be found.

5 intelligent residential security system

The residential security system mainly consists of the family security alarm system, which is composed of a host computer, a family alarm, all kinds of sensors and transmission lines. The starting point is the main doors and windows, sensor on family important sites and regional deployment, so that the owners live in a safe and comfortable environment. Various types of sensors are introduced as follows:

A. magnetometer sensor: usually installed in the door and the door frame, if anyone illegally entered the host family, alarm, alarm management host will display the location and nature.

B. infrared sensors: mainly installed in the windows and balconies near the detection of illegal intruders, the use of infrared probe, through a thin layer of electron beam to protect windows and balconies.

C. thermal infrared detector: usually installed in the living room, to alarm by detecting the temperature of the human body.

D. gas leak detector: installed in the kitchen, when the gas leak to a certain concentration and sometimes alarm.

E. smoke detector: installed in the bedroom and living room, to detect the ambient smoke concentration and alarm. Can be used as fire alarm.

F. emergency button: usually installed in hidden places, family emergency (such as robbery), directly to the Security Center for help.

Through the community networking, can be achieved throughout the district

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