Common wireless doorbell problem solution

First, the wireless doorbell can not be unlocked:

The first thing to consider is the key problem of indoor machine, especially installed in more than three years of user, extension and host in working state, the lock button touch short try lock, lock button shows normal normal; not normal estimation for the extension control panel or home line fault, and inspection of the 10 core for testing sheathed wire line, directly into the extension line access end of the test, the normal estimation is the home line or floor platform is certainly not normal fault, fault extension control board; finally still use the 10 core test line access floor platform test shows the normal home line fault, not a normal floor platform try to change after the normal port, the port of this floor platform damage.

Two, wireless doorbell can call without image:

1, the visual doorbell is not bright screen and no image: please check the extension power supply, see if there is a black and white 18V, color 12-18V;

1.1, bright screen, but the image distortion is serious, jitter, not clear, partial black, partial fuzzy: please check the extension power supply, to see whether the voltage and current in accordance with the specification requirements;

1.2, bright screen without image: first check the extension of the video line, to see if there is a good line, whether there is a video signal; and then replace the same type of extension test;

1.3, is called the image, according to the monitoring of no image: most of the monitoring key failure, the replacement can generally be resolved;

Three, wireless doorbell extension can not hear:

Hear, other normal functions: estimated to handle cable is not plugged in or damage of the speaker, the first re inserted a handle line, not to try to replace the handle, no longer is the extension of the control board fault.

Four: wireless doorbell ringing alarm: that is, the extension does not stand linkage alarm function extension alarm not to alarm management center!

First detection alarm probe power supply is normal, whether the normal work, power supply using the multimeter test, is working with replace the same type alarm test and detection; alarm probe to the extension line is smooth, whether good contact (wireless alarm detector, this step), finally replace the same type extension test.

 The wireless doorbell inside the design group number encoding clapper phenomenon is your home is too small. General encoding of thousands of doorbell basically no problem, my home is a small wireless doorbell Jingbao, encoding many groups inside it, so rarely this phenomenon. This problem you can find manufacturers to see, there is nothing to solve the problem, there is not to buy a house with your neighbors, like the same brand of wireless doorbell oh.